Instructions to TCT Annular Cutter
Oct. 29,2020

Instructions to TCT Annular Cutter

A. Part No. and suitable types of magnetic drill(Annexed Table 1) 

B. Working range: they suit for drilling works on all kinds of steal plate, steal pipe, cast iron, stainless steal, aluminum, copper, unhardened steal and non-metal materials. 

C. Cutting principle: it used cutting fluid jetted from the inner side to cool off the processing places. 

D. Operation Instructions 

1. Installation instructions. Be sure the power socket is off and the switch of electric motor is off before the installation. Install the drilling machine by the corresponding installation diagram.As it shows in the picture:Insert proper PILOT PIN into the center hole of the product※ WELDON SHANK As it shows in the picture: aim the two planes of the SHANK to the 两喉噻顶丝孔 of the principle axis of the drilling machine. Tightening it with hexagon wrench and leaving 0.2-.03mm gap, turning it reciprocating with hand to confirm its place, and then tighten the 顶丝。

 ※ 通用柄 As it shows in the picture: aim the small dot of the SHANK at the index line of the principle axis, and then push up. When hear the click sound, it’s ok. 

※ FEIN QUICK-IN As it shows in the picture:turning the 保险环 which is on the principle axis clockwise fully, and insert the SHANK in then turning slightly till hear the click sound. 

2. Spotting. Make an anchor spot with centre chisel (中心錾) or draw a cross with the alloy needle on the place where the hole will be bored in order to guarantee the precision of the drilling position. Caution: when make anchor spot with centre chisel, make sure it’s perpendicular to the surface of the 加工工件 so that it won’t affect the discharge of the cutting scraps (料芯) 

3. Wh en the drilling begins, adjust a proper rotate speed. Before turning on the magnetic drill, first make sure the cleanness of the bottom of the machine. First turn the switch of the magnetic support electric motor, turn on the switch of the cooling off fluid when the electric motor is working. Then slowly input …until the cutting becomes stead, then speed up the input speed properly by force, but please don’t push to hard.4. After the drilling, turn off the switch of electric motor. When the principle axis stop spinning, please remove the iron scraps that are wounded on the machine by iron hook, and then can it continue working. 

5. When drilling, please pay attention to the following situations: 

(1) When the machine can’t discharge waste smoothly or the iron scraps become powder, one should check whether there are so many iron scraps wound on the machine that affected the discharge of those iron scraps. If yes, one should get rid of them. If no, one should then check whether the cutter is worn, if yes, one should replace it with a new one.

 (2) If the principle axis stops spinning, please first turn off the electric motor in order to protect the cutter, then turning the axis to the opposite side for 1mm, then lift up the electric motor.

(3) When the round scrap can’t be discharged, please use non-metal stick hit the machine other then the cutter part slightly until the scrap comes out.

 (4) When work on poly-tire planes, please discharge the round scraps and wounded scraps for each tire and then go on work. 

(5) When work on hard material, please make sure the machine is cooling down thoroughly, for there will be too much heat, so as to prolong the life of the machine. 

Annexed Table

 1Part No.                                         D.O.C                 Cutter Dia               Shank                            Suitable type of magnetic drill

Duel-cutting      Triple-cutting             (MM)                        (MM)       

TWDB               TWDA                        35                       14-60               WELDON SHANK                      SUIT FOR FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC

TWEB               TWEA                        50                         14-60             TWO FLATS 19.05MM          MAGNETIC DRILL E.G. RUKO,ALFRA,

TEFB                 TWFA                         75                        18-60                 OR 32MM DIA                    BDS,HOUGEN,ROTABROACH,

TWGB               TWGA                       100                        18-60

TODB                TODA                         35                        14-60                 UNIVERSAL SHANK              SUIT FOR ALL KINDS OF MAGNETIC 

TOEB                TOEA                          50                       14-60                  ONE TOUCH SHANK         DRILL,E.G.HOUGEN, ROTABROACH,

TOFB                 TOFA                           75                     18-60                     OR NITTO SHANK           BDS 


                            TQDA                        35                       14-60                 QUICK-IN SHANK

                            TQEA                          50                     14-60                      18.00 DIA FEIN

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