HIGH SPEED STEEL Performance FOR HSS cobalt 8%-M42
Dec. 23,2019

HIGH SPEED STEEL Performance FOR HSS cobalt 8%-M42   

HSS CODE: W6Mo5Cr4V2Co8 (M42)   

Chemical compositons(%):   C                   Si                   Mn               W                  Mo             Cr                 V                  Co                  

                                        1.05-1.15       0.25-0.45      0.15-0.40      1.15-1.85     9.00-10.0     3.50-4.25        0.95-1.35    7.75-8.75         

International Code:    

ASTM: M42 

UNS: T11342  


DIN: S2-10-1-8 

BS:  BM42

NF: HS2-9-1-8  

ROCT:  P6M5K5  

ISO:   HS2-9-1-8  


Density Annealed(g/cm):7.95   

Heat treatment:Starting: 1100 Finishing:900    

Usage:For making all kinds complex and high precison cutters e.g.precision Broching, Endmills,special tool Bits and various high HRC cutters.Usually used for some difficult working,Supper-high tensile materials cutting.

 Anneal temperature (℃) 840-860   

Stress relief Temperature(℃):600-650   

Quench temperature (℃):1160-1190    

Coolant media of quench : salt bath  at 600℃,or Oil  cool or air cool   

Normal temperature of temper(℃): 530-560    

Quench and temper HRC: 66-68    

Bending Strength(Mpa):    2650-3730

Impact Toughness(MJ/㎡): 0.23-0.29    

HRC at 600℃(HRC):   55.2  

Character:It's a super Hardness of High Carbon with Co of W-Mo series. With High Hardness at Normal and High temperature.High Red Hardness and good grandability. Especially there are good performance in cutting and grinding hard-working steel(super High pressure resistance steel).But Pressure resistance not very good. 

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