HSS Annular Cutter With Weldon Shank

HSS Annular Cutter With Weldon Shank

HSS annular cutter also called broach cutter or core drill, core bit is a new type of drilling tools, which support magnetic drill block, the large steel components can be anywhere drilling, efficiency is twist drill-10 times, can be controlled in the 0-0.05mm tolerance, but also a reaming, drilling half hole, ramps, and other unique features of faces.

Manufacturing process: CNC Fully Ground

Shank type:Weldon Shank

Materials: HSS-M2, HSS-Co5,HSS-Co8

Finish: Bright,Tin,Coffee,TiAln.

Diameter: 12-100mm

Cutting Depth: 25,30,35,40,50,55,75,80,100,150,200.