Sept. 23,2019


PLEASE REMEMBER1. When using electric tools, machines or equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury.2. Keep work area clean. Cluttered areas invite injuries3. Consider work area conditions. Don’t use machines or power tools in damp, wet or poorly lit locations. Don’t expose equipment to rain, keep work area well lit. Don’t use tools in the presence of flammable gases or liquids.4. Keep children away, all children should be kept away from the work area.5. Guard against electric shock. Prevent bodily contact with grounded surfaces such as pipes, radiators, ranges, and refrigerator enclosures.6. Stay alert. Never operate if you are tired.7. Don’t operate the product if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Read warning labels on prescriptions to determine if your judgment or reaction might be impaired.8. Don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry as they can be caught in moving parts.9. Wear restrictive hair covering to contain long hair. Use eye and ear protection.10. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.11. Don’t reach over or across running machines. 

Before operating1. Be sure the switch is OFF when not in use and before plugging in.2. Don’t attempt to use inappropriate attachments in an attempt to exceed the tools capacity. Approved accessories are available from the dealer or machine maker.3. Check for damaged parts, before using any tool, any part that appears damaged should be carefully checked to determine that it will operate properly and perform its intended function.4. Check for alignment and binding of all moving parts, broken parts or mounting fixture and any other condition that may affect proper operation. Any part that is damaged should be entirely or replaced by a qualified technician.5. Do not use the tool if any switch does not turn off and on properly.  MAIN APPLICATION AND CHARACTERISTICS1. Patent 13D can sharpen the drill bit front cutting lip ,lip relief angle and point angle,you also can control the center spot at random instead of center drill,escape of chips easily.drill with a light heart. 2. With Taiwan diamond grinding wheel, it can be equipped directly with an accurate angle and long service life.3. The electrically controlled and powerful DC motor: stable frequency, strong horsepower and long service life.

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