Brief Introduction to High Speed Steel
Sept. 24,2019

High Speed Tools Steel is an important Tools materials,mainly for making cutting tools and cold-working mould.

A、 Mainly used for making cutting tools

It has following priority comparing to Solid Carbide materials Cutting tools,which is another main materials for Cutting tools:

1.It's manufacturing process simple and convenient to be manufactured by machine.Its very profitable for making complex cutters.The user could re-forge HSS materials and change its sizes and shape in necessory. 

2.Convenient to grind the very sharp cutting edge without use of expensive super hard abrasive materials-CBN GRINDING WHEEL .  

3.HSS with better Hardness and grandability after heat treatment.Its HRC ranging from 61-70 per different code.And it still can keep higher Heat Hardness in temperature not over 5600C.

4.After heat treatment,the HSS Tool steel's presure resistance and Impact Toughness far better than Solid Carbide Tools. And also cause of its better presure resistance,they are suitable for interrupted cuttings and impact load tools. 

5.It also can be used for 30m/Min high speed cutting.The HSS Tools Steel gear cutter hob,the rolling speed could reach 100m/Min in suitable method. 

B、 For making Cold-working Die materials.

It has following advantages comparing to general Cold-working mould steel.

6. Good and Better Grandability, prolong the mould usage life. 

7.Higher Pressure Resistance which make it hard to change mould sizes in high pressure when working. 

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