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Higred Tools Co. was established in 1978 and began tomake tools in 1996. By 20 years in cutting tools industry, we have been the professional cutting tools manufacturer and distributor among HSS CuttingTools, Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools and Electrical Power Tools. The cutting tools widely used by CNC, Magnetic Drill, Core Drill, Hammer Drill, Grinder, etc for metal Industrial, Factories, Bridges consructions, blacksmith, Building Constructions, Repairing and manufacturing shipping, Steel constructions, etc. Detailed contents are: 

HSSCutting Tools: HSS Annular cutters, HSS twist drill bits, HSS end mills, HSS Burrs, HSSReamers, HSS Counter Sinks, HSS Step Drills, HSS Slitting Saws, HSS taps, HSSdies etc; 

Tungsten Carbide Tools: TCT Annular Cutter, Carbide end mills, Carbidetwist drills, Carbide Burrs, TCT Saw Blade, Electric hammer drill bitsetc.

ElectricalPower Tools: Magnetic Drill, Drill Bit Sharpener, Penumatic Grinder, Core Drill, Electrical Hammer Drill, Grinder. etc.And now Higred Tools Co. is multi-million dollar company with 3factories, 25000 square meters, over 1200 workers can make 6 ~ 7 million setsof drills; 10000 pcs of  Burrs; 5000pcs of Annular Cutters per month. Wehave dozens sets of  Walter, Matrol, Seiko etc CNC Machine for assuranceof the High Quality of the precision tools. We have approvaled by ISO,TUV, CE. The products have entered EU, USA, South America, South Asia, etc withrenowned reputation and regular cooperation of OEM or Higred ® Brand.

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